As an active workforce member, you now have a team of people delivering and developing a bespoke health and wellness programme in your workplace. Over the last couple of months, we have held a number of ‘Marketplace’ events in order to gain a greater understanding of needs and wants of the Subsea 7 workforce in this area. This will remain an evolving process and as such we actively encourage you to provide us with feedback, both positive and negative, so that we can ensure that a quality service is consistently provided.

Current Classes

Metafit & AbBlast – classes will end on Monday 18th of December, returning on Monday 8th of January 2018

Yoga – classes will end on Wednesday 20th of December, returning on Wednesday 10th of January.

Booking for these classes will be required and there are now a number of ways for you to do this via your new online portal - Please click here to sign up or book a class 

Health & Wellness “Health Checks”

We intend on running some pre-Christmas Health & Wellness “Health Check” sessions commencing the 15th of January 2018. The purpose of these checks is to provide you with a benchmark on your general health & fitness prior to the festive period. These would then be followed up within a 6 week period by our Health & Wellness advisors who can then offer support and advice on any particular needs or requirements you may have. The appointments will be held in private and will be 100% confidential between you and the advisor. Each appointment will consist of the follow (but will not be restricted to, depending on you consultation);

Blood Pressure – similar to standard test carried out by a GP / Nurse

Peak Flow – basic lung function test to measure how fast you breathe out

Hip to Waist – basics measurements  to determine ratios

Fitness Test (200m Row) – benchmark to compare in future.

Appointments will be between 09:00 & 17:00 on the 15th of January for the East Campus (First Aid Room)

Appointments will be between 09:00 & 17:00 on the 16th of January for the Greenwell site (First Aid Room)


To book an appointment please register an interest at [email protected]

*Additional appointments may be available on request depending the level of interest*             


New for 2018

The Active Workforce programme is your programme, so if there are any activities you would like to see being delivered, please get in touch. 

We are forging ahead with plans for 2018. Unfortunately the weather go the better of our plans to hold our first offsite activity session this year but we aim to have that rectified early in the new year. As mentioned above we will be looking to expand our onsite offerings based on the feedback we have received and there are plans for Family Activity session in and around the Easter holidays. Email us at [email protected]